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As the first translation company in Vietnam and only protected proprietary brands by the Department of Intellectual Property Vietnam

In parallel with the development, focus on improving clinical quality, PTI has always focused on training and recruitment of talent. Regular investment to exploit new markets and expand customer network.

PTI's strength is possessed abundant human resources, professional, experienced. Through the practice proved PTI confirms its leading position in the field of translation and occupy more than 80% meet the translation needs of the country.

By capacity, experience and commitment PTI bring to Vietnam translation a new look thanks to a team of translators are highly specialized training, translation management processes and modern self-contained specialist Industrial style served with enthusiasm and thoughtful. Come to our company, customers will feel totally different than other translation companies, the difference lies in the team of translators enthusiastic, experienced, fast speeds, the determined, competitive price and professional service style.

We also deeply appreciate and are proud to be a trusted partner to undertake translation work for the project and the size of Vietnam's most prestigious, long-term partner of many investors, contractors, facility important, prestigious organizations in the country and abroad as the Ministry of telecommunications, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of information and tourism sports, General Administration of Customs, Song Da Corporation, the Corporation developed the high street Vietnam Expressway Corporation Vietnam Maritime, Military Telecom Corporation Viettel, Vietnam Oil and Gas Corporation, the Company and investment advisory Vinaconex investment company and UDIC Real Estate Management company Keagnam Enterprises Vina, Posco E & C, Hyundai E & C Ltd, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd., JP Morgan Chase & Co., Pfizer Ltd, Google, Facebook ...


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