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Extending a work permit in Vietnam

It is quite easy to extend a work permit in Vietnam, as long as the applicant is continuing the job for which they were initially granted the permit. If this is the case then the employer must apply for this extension at least 30 days before the existing permit expires. Furthermore, certain conditions must be met in order for an expat to be eligible for extension.

To register work permit for foreign workers in Vietnam, there are some notice as follows:

-          General provisions of the government on newly granting, renewing work permit but each province will sometimes have their own applying.

-          For nationalities of Africa, Middle East, sometimes the registration of work permit will be more difficult than those of European countries, America, and Asia, The companies under the management of industrial zones must proceed work permit in IZ Management Board of that province and the companies registering to do business outside IZ Management Board have to proceed work permit in Department of Labour of that province.

-          The documents issued abroad must be consularly legalized and translated into Vietnamese and notarized.

-          Foreigners who have not yet been to Vietnam to work also can be applied to work permit.

-          There are circumstances need fully documents, but some cases are exempt from documents under the provisions.

-          Sometimes, the records do not have fully documents can be processed by avoiding law violations and applied to work permit

-          The foreign workers have been working in Vietnam and applied for work permit in Vietnam companies, can make Certificate of working experience in those companies.

-          All documents issued in foreign countries, if possible, should make in English.

-          Customers that proceed work permit and use the services of our company should let us compose dossiers and follow the instructions, to avoid because of improper procedure

-          The content of the certificate of work experience must be detailed and clear.

Procedures for consularly legalizing documents to apply work permit in Vietnam:

Consularly legalizing foreign documents is that the documents issued by any government or company must be confirmed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that country. Then the Vietnam embassy in that country confirms.

In case there are no representative body of the government of Vietnam in that country, the applicant must go to Vietnam embassy in neighboring countries concurrently to confirm.

We offer the following examples for customers to better understand:

-          Judicial Certification to Chinese citizens issued by the Chinese government, the consular legalization of documents is as follows:

Step 1: The applicant brings Judicial Certification to diplomatic office in China to certificate.

Step 2: then, the applicant brings the certificate in step 1 above to Vietnam embassy office in China to confirm once more.

-          Certificate of working experience by companies in Taiwan, consular legalization of documents is as follows:

a: The applicant brings Certificate of working experience to diplomatic office in China to certificate.

b: then, the applicant brings the certificate above to Vietnam embassy office in China to confirm once more.

The content of certificate of working certificate of working experience at the request of the Vietnamese government to make work permit is as follows, customers shall pay attention to avoid remaking.

-          Full name and address of the company

-          Landline and fax number if available

-          Short

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